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FS2020 – Instrument Setup Automation

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The Issue

In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 there is an issue that you can’t save the state of Instrument placements if you want to have them on separate screens. This feature is very important if you want to run a glass cockpit with the instruments directly from FS2020.

So to solve this I created a small application that does the setup every time you start or restart a flight.

Demo of the application running in the simulator, this is a early version

How does it work?

It’s written in Python just for convince and because I did not intend to create a more than simple script, but it became more of full fledge application.

So it reads FS2020 memory every second and looks for a variabel that indicates if the player is in the cockpit or not. Then it runs a predefined sequence that the player has setup before. This is right now done through a Json file but I’m working on a feature that will enable the player to record a sequence in the software and edit it.

What’s next?

To complete the application and improve it both in terms of performance and usability. Right now it’s kind of a hassle to create the sequence.

Then also look into hacking FS2020 more to maybe do the setup of instruments without moving the mouse and emulating inputs.

Link to the project on GitHub.

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