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The project started in 2007. At first we planned on making a Learjet 45 simulator, but ended up with a more customized cockpit suitable for several business jets and regional jets. The simulator was initially based on Microsoft Flightsimulator 2004. In 2018 we changed to Prepar3Dv4. 

In 2019 out of nowhere, MSFS was launched and we decided immidiately to jump on that platform. It contains two bizjets, we chosed citation Longitude since it has a black cockpit matching our black panels. 

All cockpit measurements were done in a Learjet 55, Longhorn. It took us 3 years to complete the cockpit and since 2010 we have upgraded several of the systems and panels in the cockpit. 

We design the panels using Front Panel Designer. Hardware is home built and the instruments are connected to MSFS via Arduino boards. We make the software (arduino) which provides us with endless possibilities regarding functionality of the different panels. At the moment we are considering replacing some of the Arduino boards with NodeMCU. 


MSFS is at the moment not fully supporting Home cockpits, but we are convinced that with coming releases more and more features supporting home cockpits will come. 

Since MSFS information is based on satellite data from the complete earth, including basically every street, house and hills etc. we believe that it is worth the effort to make the upgrade already at this early stage in the product lifecycle. 

The project is non-commercial.

Thank you Axel for great support with apps and scripts for touchscreen, automatic windows placements on multiple screens and more great pieces of software.

Thank you Jesper for all support with 3D-printing like monitor frames, throttle quadrant cover and spoiler control lever,  just to mention a few. Links to drawings can be found in the resources section.