Per-David Alm

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Per Ersson

Torbjörn Aukland

The project started in 2007. At first we planned on making a Learjet 45 simulator, but ended up with a more customized cockpit suitable for several business jets and regional jets. The simulator was initially based on Microsoft Flightsimulator 2004. In 2018 we changed to Prepar3Dv4. 

All cockpit measurements were done in a Learjet 55, Longhorn. It took us 3 years to complete the cockpit and since 2010 we have upgraded several of the systems and panels in the cockpit. We design the panels using Front Panel Designer. We build the hardware and the instruments are connected to Prepar3D via Arduino boards. We make the software (arduino) which provides us with endless possibilities regarding functionality of the different panels.


Our cockpit suits several aircrafts like Learjets, Embraers, CRJs, Gulfstreams, and Falcons. In Prepar3D we fly a Global Express.

The project is non-commercial.